Project Business

Among other things the company has been handling project cargoes for the countries textile trade. Transfreight was responsible for shipping most of the projects of textile spinning & weaving machinery imported from Europe to Pakistan from 1982 making it the leaders in this trade.

The company has the capability to handle any size of project for which separate teams of dedicated professionals area available who can handle different types of projects from the country of origin to delivery at final site.

In 1982, Transfreight did Turnkey contracts to lift wheat Ex-godowns in Germany upto delivery godowns Afghan refugee camps in Northern Pakistan.

In 1984, Transfreight handled contracts to deliver swiss textile machineries to mills in Pakistan. In 2004, Transfreight was handling the exports of those mills to buyers in Switzerland and EU.

In 1994, Transfreight did the first automatic bagging operation in Pakistan by handling a 24000 ton fertilizer cargo. This was done in cooperation with an international associate. It was the first time automatic bagging machines (MOPACK) were introduced at Pakistani Ports.

In 2005, Transfreight handled international flights bringing relief goods for the earthquake victims, at a military airbase in northern Pakistan.