Corporate Brief

Transfreight was founded in 1982. It is one of Pakistan's earliest "International Freight Forwarding" organizations. The innovative ideas of the management became the principle for the growth of the Company. Today this image is supported by a young and energetic team of professional and experts with the ability to provide a level of service that the company proudly gives to all its clients and worldwide representatives. With an effective network of overseas associates and the support of several international exporters and importers, the company provides excellent quality services based on competitive rates.

We have within our fold, personnel that are experienced and highly respected in the International freight transport and shipping sector of Pakistan. We maintain our principal office in the commercial district of the western wharf of Karachi Port, the office has a modern IT system also offering tracking and tracing services.

Transfreight tied up cooperation agreements with companies at many important international locations and started moving different types of cargoes whether it was airfreight of hand pumps to Australia or shiploads of grain on charter vessels to Pakistan and its trucking to the Northern areas, textile goods to USA and France or raw leather to Italy in containers or full plant machinery from Swiss and German textile machinery manufacturers for Pakistani textile projects.

Transfreight maintains its own shipping as well as custom licenses issued by the Government of Pakistan and operates services for a selected range of clients for their exports as well as imports.